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Samsung launched a new one last week Galaxy Watch FEs, which are actually a "restoration" of the model after all Galaxy Watch4. They have more or less the same specifications, chipset and design as the version from the 2021 roll, but maybe got a new sapphire glass. Although then it may seem like a reboot Galaxy Watch4 as a special move, can be just as brilliant. 

In short, it can be said that it is exactly what it is Wear OS needs: more affordable smartwatches. We have a busy line here Galaxy Watch, which is more expensive, then there are very specific Pixels after all Watch and maybe a dead Fossil watch, or probably a dead TicWatch. Market with Wear So the OS is, let's be honest, very limited, and of course it's a shame because the platform has great potential to mess up the system as well watchOS Apple that drives in his Apple Watch. In addition Apple sells Apple Watch SE, i.e. also a certain form of lightweight and affordable smart watch. 

A reasonable addition to the portfolio 

For example, Anshel Sag, principal analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, says that launching a cheaper smartwatch was a smart move on Samsung's part. "I think Galaxy Watch FEs allow Samsung and its partners to offer a cheaper version of the watch that can be easily discounted or even given away for free with a product, further expanding the price range of wearables.” 

Of course, it is directly offered especially for Galaxy From the Flip6, which Samsung will present to us in July. If he puts in his presale Galaxy Watch FE free, at least with the fairer sex, it is guaranteed to be a success. Galaxy Watch The only downside to FE is that they are only available in a 40mm version, which may not suit many men. It was also the last line of Samsung products not to have a current FE model. It is here Galaxy S23 FE, Galaxy Buds FE or tablets Galaxy Tab S9 FE. 

Galaxy Watch You can buy FE here

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